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Whether you’re an avid gym bunny or a couch potato, the chances are you’ve heard a lot about the workout program CrossFit. This innovative and high intensity workout program features in a multitude of gyms or “boxes” (as CrossFitters call it) across the country, with thousands of Americans participating in CrossFit workouts each week.


As with most fitness trends, CrossFit has received plenty of praise and plenty of controversy. While many CrossFitters have claimed to get in the best physical shape of their life thanks to CrossFit, there has been some controversy surrounding just how safe it is.


A CrossFit workout essentially combines lifting extremely heavy objects with running, squats, lunges and various other cardio activities. Participants usually complete a “WOD” (workout of the day) with their class which can last anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour. These workouts can be completed in a class environment (often outside) or they can be completed individually at home as the official CrossFit website continuously posts new WOD workout videos.


But is CrossFit right for you? Here are the main pros and cons to help you decide:


CrossFit Pros:

Vitamin D For Natural Health

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The risk of heart diseases increase in patients suffering from the following conditions:



High cholesterol level

Familial history


High blood pressure


Low estrogen level  : cause by the oral contraceptive pill


Every day habits also increase the risk of heart disease. These habits include:



Lack of exercise

High stress level

Poor diet




It is important to pay attention and listen to your body to see if you are suffering from any heart disease symptoms.  This is of increased importance if you have history of heart disease in your family, or are suffering from any of the previously mentioned conditions.  This can make the difference between life and death in emergency conditions like heart attacks (angina), arrhythmia, or coronary artery diseases. If you are suffering from any of the following symptoms, seek help right away.


chest pain


shortness of breath


Irregular heart beats

Weakness and easy fatigue


Light headed

Chest pain radiating to the left shoulder


Heart attack symptoms start with chest a pain that get progressively worse and refuses to respond to rest or medication. Some heart attacks are silent and show no symptoms. These are more dangerous as the patient is not alerted to the present danger.

How To Take Vitamin D For Natural Health

Early detection of chronic heart diseases is also very important as it increases recovery chances. Chorionic heart disease symptoms are:


Easy fatigue

Lower limb edema

Shortness of breath

Inability to perform exercise for long periods

Irregular heart beats

Quick weight gain due to water retention

Low grade fever

Increase blood coagulability due to blood stasis

Recurrent infection


Congenital heart disease is responsible for most deaths among birth defects. Symptoms of congenital heart diseases are different than symptoms of acquired heart disease. They include:



Inability to be feed well

Recurrent lung infections

Fast breathing rate

Under development of the body

Heart murmurs

Digital clubbing with nail bed cyanosis

Natural Health Techniques

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Heart diseases can be treated through medication and surgery. Lifestyle changes are an integral part of any treatment plan, and in mild heart diseases, they can stand alone. These everyday routine changes include:


Working out

Sticking to a low fat diet

Decreasing sodium content in diet

Quitting smoking

Limiting alcohol consumption


Medications are always given in combination with the above lifestyle alterations. There is a wide array of heart medications. The choice of medicine depends on the nature of the cardiovascular problem. Some of these medications are:



ACE inhibitors

Beta blockers

Blood thinning medications like aspirin and antiplatelet drugs

Antiarrhythmic drugs

Cholesterol lowering medications like Statins

Calcium channel blockers



Vitamin D As An Alternative Medical Treatment

In most congenital heart defect cases, surgery is the only option. For acquired heart diseases however, surgeries are resorted to if medication does not yield the required results. Heart surgeries are becoming more common, and less risky. One of the most common cardiac procedures is coronary angioplasty performed to clear the blockage in the arteries supplying the heart. A stent is put to prevent recurrence of blockage in the future. The recovery time for heart surgeries depends on the type of procedure and ranges from one day in coronary angioplasty to several months in invasive procedures like coronary artery bypass surgery and heart transplant.

Mental health is an integral part of any individual’s overall health. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) mental health is “the state of well being in which the individual realize his/her own abilities and can cope with the normal stresses of life, and can work productively and fruitfully, and to make a contribution to his/her community”. It can also be defined as the absence of any mental disease or problem.

Understanding Natural Health Alternatives

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Being a mentally healthy person does not necessarily mean the same thing to everybody. Normal and abnormal are relative. The American Psychiatric Association published the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) to put clear guidelines for mental disease diagnosis and treatment strategies. This manual is used by insurance companies to determine health coverage.


The World Health Organization (WHO) also produced a mental disorders guide as a part of its International Classification of Disease. A different guide than the DSM and the WHO classifications is used in China.

Vitamin D

It’s a Tough and Intense Workout – If you’re looking to take your workout up a notch (or in fact several) then CrossFit could be for you. These workouts virtually define tough and are designed to push you to your absolute physical limits.

It’s Great for Muscle Strengthening – If you are looking to build strong muscles but find regular weight lifting a little dull, then CrossFit could definitely spice up your weight lifting routine. CrossFit workouts don’t just involve picking up heavy dumbbells but also other heavy everyday objects such as tires.

It Creates a Team Environment – If you attend a CrossFit class on a regular basis, you can virtually guarantee that you will bond with some of your fellow CrossFitters. Most classes try to build a strong team environment, enabling participants to bond over their intense workout experiences.

It’s Fast & Condensed – If you don’t like slaving away on gym machines for hours at a time, you might prefer the condensed nature of a CrossFit class. CrossFit classes rarely last more than an hour, so if you are a very busy person or just get bored easily, CrossFit could be a good workout for you.

Natural Health Products

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Mental disorders can be classified into mental retardation like Down syndrome, learning disabilities like dyslexia, and neurological disorder like epilepsy and sleep disorders.

The WHO statistics reported that half of the world population is affected by mental illness that affects relationships, self-confidence, and everyday life. Anxiety and Depression are the most common mental disorders in the world. Neuropsychiatric disorders like eating disorders and depression are the leading cause for disability worldwide, according to the WHO. These diseases affect individuals’ ability to function. They account for 37% of the lost healthy years of people worldwide. Mental health has been linked with socioeconomic status. Individuals of a higher education and financial state are less likely to develop mental problems.

Natural Products To Aid In Health

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In the United States, 64% of the population qualified for mental illness at one point of their life. Anxiety is the most common mental disorder in the United States affecting 18% of Americans. Depression was the leading cause of disability is 2004 for people of ages 15-44 in the United States, according to the WHO. It costs the United States $31 billion every year. Thirty thousand Americans commit suicide every year, and hundreds of thousands make suicide attempts according to the Center for Disease Control (CDC). This puts suicide at 13th place in death causes for Americans in 2004 and at the 3rd place in deaths for Americans of ages 15-24, according to CDC.


Mental illness can result from multiple causes. These causes can be either surrounding (resulting from the outside factors) or individual (stemming from the own person). Environmental and genetic factors are the most effective elements in a person’s mental condition. The effect of environmental factors

Additional Natural Health Alternatives And Complementary Approaches

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You Could Injure Yourself – CrossFit isn’t like a regular aerobics class or gym session, it will likely be the most intense and challenging workout you’ve ever tried. As a result, this could increase your chance of being injured. If you are particularly prone to exercise related injuries, definitely stay well away.

CrossFit has a “One Size Fits All” Approach – While many workout classes adapt to different fitness classes, CrossFit classes usually don’t. Expect to be pushed as hard as everyone else in the class, regardless of your age, size and fitness ability. Some people like this tough approach, but others may find it too much to handle.

Some Claim CrossFit is like a Cult – Disgruntled CrossFitters have claimed that CrossFit groups create a cult-like atmosphere, which can be very intimidating to newbies. This click like environment can put off potential goers and create an unfriendly vibe for some of the people that do go.

It’s Pretty Expensive – CrossFit doesn’t come cheap, in fact most CrossFit gyms offer monthly memberships for well over a hundred dollars. For some this may seem like pocket change but if you’re at all suffering in this turbulent economy, CrossFit could easily be out of your budget.


Use the above pros and cons to assess whether CrossFit is right for you. If you’re left undecided you could always just try a class or two before you sign up for the month. Good luck!

Back pain affects many people in different age groups and for different reasons. This condition can be very problematic as it impacts everyday activities and may lead to discomfort in simple activities like work, exercise, driving and even buying groceries. Back pain can be either acute (sudden), or chronic (over a long period of time). The pain felt by the patient can take two different forms. It is either a sharp needle pain, or a dull aching pain. The pain is either localized in one spot, or radiating to other parts of the body.

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