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By admin / December 2, 2021

You Could Injure Yourself – CrossFit isn’t like a regular aerobics class or gym session, it will likely be the most intense and challenging workout you’ve ever tried. As a result, this could increase your chance of being injured. If you are particularly prone to exercise related injuries, definitely stay well away.

CrossFit has a “One Size Fits All” Approach – While many workout classes adapt to different fitness classes, CrossFit classes usually don’t. Expect to be pushed as hard as everyone else in the class, regardless of your age, size and fitness ability. Some people like this tough approach, but others may find it too much to handle.

Some Claim CrossFit is like a Cult – Disgruntled CrossFitters have claimed that CrossFit groups create a cult-like atmosphere, which can be very intimidating to newbies. This click like environment can put off potential goers and create an unfriendly vibe for some of the people that do go.

It’s Pretty Expensive – CrossFit doesn’t come cheap, in fact most CrossFit gyms offer monthly memberships for well over a hundred dollars. For some this may seem like pocket change but if you’re at all suffering in this turbulent economy, CrossFit could easily be out of your budget.


Use the above pros and cons to assess whether CrossFit is right for you. If you’re left undecided you could always just try a class or two before you sign up for the month. Good luck!

Back pain affects many people in different age groups and for different reasons. This condition can be very problematic as it impacts everyday activities and may lead to discomfort in simple activities like work, exercise, driving and even buying groceries. Back pain can be either acute (sudden), or chronic (over a long period of time). The pain felt by the patient can take two different forms. It is either a sharp needle pain, or a dull aching pain. The pain is either localized in one spot, or radiating to other parts of the body.

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