Vitamin D For Natural Health

By admin / November 6, 2021

The risk of heart diseases increase in patients suffering from the following conditions:



High cholesterol level

Familial history


High blood pressure


Low estrogen level  : cause by the oral contraceptive pill


Every day habits also increase the risk of heart disease. These habits include:



Lack of exercise

High stress level

Poor diet




It is important to pay attention and listen to your body to see if you are suffering from any heart disease symptoms.  This is of increased importance if you have history of heart disease in your family, or are suffering from any of the previously mentioned conditions.  This can make the difference between life and death in emergency conditions like heart attacks (angina), arrhythmia, or coronary artery diseases. If you are suffering from any of the following symptoms, seek help right away.


chest pain


shortness of breath


Irregular heart beats

Weakness and easy fatigue


Light headed

Chest pain radiating to the left shoulder


Heart attack symptoms start with chest a pain that get progressively worse and refuses to respond to rest or medication. Some heart attacks are silent and show no symptoms. These are more dangerous as the patient is not alerted to the present danger.

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