Vitamin D

It’s a Tough and Intense Workout – If you’re looking to take your workout up a notch (or in fact several) then CrossFit could be for you. These workouts virtually define tough and are designed to push you to your absolute physical limits.

It’s Great for Muscle Strengthening – If you are looking to build strong muscles but find regular weight lifting a little dull, then CrossFit could definitely spice up your weight lifting routine. CrossFit workouts don’t just involve picking up heavy dumbbells but also other heavy everyday objects such as tires.

It Creates a Team Environment – If you attend a CrossFit class on a regular basis, you can virtually guarantee that you will bond with some of your fellow CrossFitters. Most classes try to build a strong team environment, enabling participants to bond over their intense workout experiences.

It’s Fast & Condensed – If you don’t like slaving away on gym machines for hours at a time, you might prefer the condensed nature of a CrossFit class. CrossFit classes rarely last more than an hour, so if you are a very busy person or just get bored easily, CrossFit could be a good workout for you.

Originally posted 2015-10-04 15:56:44.